How to Reach

Inserting in GoogleMaps "SALGADINHO (Selão da Eira)” or "SÍTIO DAS ROLAS (Selão da Eira)", will take the pointer right to the respective site. For SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA also insert "SALGADINHO (Selão da Eira)”. You may get instructions for the final 1500 meters there at the reception (provided you reach before the night), or you follow from there the directions as described below.

Yet, you should not rely only on the navigator, especially when it comes to the local access. Please read and apply the following indications, which also include some information on where you could to stop for lunch or dinner.


Arriving from the NORTH

Motorway Option A: Some navigators suggest to leave the motorway A2 at the exit OURIQUE, and then direct towards ODEMIRA. This route takes a bit longer than the second option, and is somewhat tiring at night. During day-time, it allows smooth travelling, and it is a good option, if you like to have lunch or dinner before arriving at the accommodation.

The restaurant “Fonte Férrea” in ODEMIRA is recommendable, as it lies on the way, opens till quite late (closed on Sundays), has a nice atmosphere and good food, and Pedro is an attentive chef.

Leave Odemira by continuing on the road N-120 southwards in direction LAGOS, crossing the bridge over the river Mira, going always straight, and after some 20 km you reach S. TEOTÓNIO.

Motorway Option B:  If you want to arrive as fast as possible, leave the motorway A2 one exit earlier for GRÂNDOLA/SINES, and then take the long-distance road IP 8 to SINES. Leave the roundabouts there always in direction ODEMIRA. Some 5 km after the last one, turn right in S. TORPES (easily recognized by a power plant on the left side) and drive along the scenic road along the coast until reaching PORTO CÔVO.

On the way, you pass a nice restaurant (left side),and there are several others in Porto Côvo. Leave from there following the sign “Saída” (exit) and then go to MILFONTES, about 35 km.

There you cross the bridge over the river Mira and continue straight until after  some 20 km, shortly after a filling station, a road branches off to the right in direction S. TEOTÓNIO and ZAMBUJEIRA-DO-MAR. Follow the signs for S. TEOTÓNIO, turning left twice. Having reached there, turn right into that same road N-120 which you travel when taking the first option.

Whether coming via Odemira or via Milfontes, you pass S. TEOTÓNIO and leave the last roundabout (some 300 m after a GALP filling station) straight in direction LAGOS. After 4 km you reach the village VALE JUNCAL with the Café/Restaurant BECHA on the left side, just opposite the road sign.

Arriving from the SOUTH

If you come from the Algarve (Faro airport) and want to reach destination as fast as possible, take the motorway A22 up to the end in LAGOS. From there, you follow the signs for ALJEZUR where you pass the (only) roundabout.

In case you arrive earlier in the day, or travel by car, anyway, you may choose driving through the Monchique. In terms of driving time, this route takes some 30 minutes more, but it is quite scenic and already gives a holiday feeling. Leave the motorway A22 in Portimão and follow the signs for MONCHIQUE.

You may stop in CALDAS DE MONCHIQUE, a bath which still is worth visiting, even though in 2018 so many century-old trees felt victim to a firestorm that raged the mountains. Near the old thermal hall, you find a good restaurant.

Continuing on the main road, you reach NAVE, easy to recognize by the large granite quarry to the right, where you turn left in direction MARMELETE. Always follow that road, until you finally reach ALJEZUR.

There are two "highlights" on the way, if you are interested and time permits. In the “Galeria Wood Spirit” at the end of CASAIS (right side) you find unique woodcraft. It literally rose up like phenix from the ashes, after the fierce firestorm in 2003 had devastated thousands of hectares of forest and the owner's tree nursery. Having losty everything, he turned a skill into a new profession and used half-charcoaled trees as raw material to create unique wood works.

A bit further on, the simple, yet cozy local restaurant "Tasca de Petrol" (closed on Wednesdays, dinner only when entering before 21:00h) is worth trying, if you are hungry. The red building with parking place (right side after a long right bend) is easily recognized. The food is home-made (excellent squid !). But apart from the day soup, the menu has no vegetarian plates.

In ALJEZUR, leave the (only) roundabout in direction LISBOA on the road N-120. You pass ROGIL and MARIA VINAGRE.  

IMPORTANTIgnore the sign for "Vale Juncal" at the end of ROGIL, and also any GPS advice to go to there. Simply continue straight !! 

Having (by)passed ODECEIXE, you cross the bridge over the river Seixe that links the Algarve and the Alentejo. After 7 km, a road branches off to BREJÃO and CARVALHAL beach (left).

In case you want to have lunch or dinner before going to the accommodation, you find in BREJÃO the restaurants "Café Central" (a bit expensive, irregular opening), just next "Miramar" (simple local atmosphere) and shortly before "Chaminé" (cosy, almost always open).  They lie next to each other, all have nice owners and good food and atmosphere.  

You also may turn left in Brejão and go to AZENHA-DO-MAR where you find the same-named restaurant on the left (closed on Wednesdays, long waiting list, no reservation) and the simple, but outstanding "Palinhas" (beyond the parking place). What makes this place special, especially before it is dark, is its location on top of the cliff and the spectacular ocean view. Their speciality is fresh fish, but there are also some other dishes, including on request an individually composed vegetarian plate.

In any case, go back to the main road via Brejão, and where you had branched off, now turn left. After 4 km you reach VALE JUNCAL, with the Café/Restaurant BECHA on the right side just following the village sign.

The last meters from VALE JUNCAL

Now you are only 1.6 km away from SALGADINHO and SÍTIO DAS ROLAS, and 3.2 km from SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA.

Enter the narrow road at the corner of the Café and follow the sign for “Enigma Hotel”, in case of doubt keeping left. In front of “Monte Choça” (gate normally closed), the blacktop road makes a left-turn and passes that hotel.

Some 450 m after the hotel, the blacktop coat of the road ends, and you have reached the nature tourism “SELÃO DA EIRA – Turismo Rural no Alentejo”. There are three earthen roads to continue, each one leading to one of our sites.

SALGADINHO: Turn sharp right into a short access lane, really immediately after the power pole, if your destination is the mill studio MOINHO or either CASA PAVÃO or CASA PEIXE. The reception is on the left side of the building which you see upon arrival.

SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA: Just about 10 meters after the power pole, in front of a big rock, a road descends to the Nature Paradise where you find CASA CISNE and CASA LAGO, and the Café-esplanade "Perto do Paraíso". Do not get irritated, as the slightly steep road for 1400 meter only passes through eucalyptus plantations. On the final 700 meter, concrete strips facilitate the driving and guide you. Stop either at the parking which appears first after a final left-turn, or continue for another 100 meter and take the entrance to the parking by the black swan lake.

SÍTIO DAS ROLAS: Where the blacktop coat ends, you see a white structure with staircases to the left (opposite the access lane to Salgadinho),  which is the THAI AYURVEDA SALA. You are already on the property, but have to drive straight on for another 150 meter, still passing a closed grey  gate, until you reach the open main entrance gate to the accommodations CANTO DO SOL, CASA ALECRIM and SOBREIRINHO.

Travel safely !



SELÃO DA EIRA - Turismo Rural no Alentejo
AP 5727 Vale Juncal
7630-675 S. Teotónio

If you get lost or arrive with great delay, please contact CORNELIA under 911810617 (best via WhatsApp) or 283959173 (land line), or TIAGO under 968894878